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Making Your Home as Safe as It Can Be

As concerned parents, we are constantly striving to make our home the safest place possible for our children. Below is a list of 12 safety devices to protect children in your home, compiled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: Use SAFETY LATCHES and LOCKS for cabinets and drawers in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas […]

Fostering Independence in Your Preschool Age Child

As your child reaches their preschool years their independence with various skills should continually increase. Fostering this independence teaches them lifelong skills that will be beneficial to them during their first preschool experiences and beyond. Preschool age children are surprising us everyday with the new things they are able to do. By encouraging your child’s […]

Getting Social; Preparing for social situations

Teaching Social Skills Teaching social skills is not unlike teaching letters and numbers. We start with instruction, then we offer opportunities to practice and we gradually withdraw support, as less support is needed. Regrettably, we teachers and parents often overlook the instructional aspect when it comes to social skills. We wait until our children or […]

Raising Digital Natives

“Screen Time” vs. “Unplugged Time” The new generation currently coming of age is often referred to as the first generation of “digital natives,” or those born after the rise of digital technology. This creates a set of complex issues; we non-digital natives strive to make the best decisions for our children as we work to […]