2.5 years to 3.5 years

Young Preschool Program

Creative Scholars’ young preschool program is designed with your child’s development in mind. The classroom is organized in a way that provides the curious young preschooler with many and varied opportunities to investigate and make meaning of our world. Activities are designed to support this age group investigate all of the things that make them ask, “why” and “what”. Children may engage in imitative pretend play as a way to answer the questions about why adults do certain thing, they might explore a variety of art materials as they wonder what will happen when they push very hard with a pastel on paper, or they might raise frogs from tadpoles if the children ask why frogs live near water.

The teaching staff at Creative Scholars supports a young preschooler’s desire for independence; we understand that as a young preschooler becomes physically more coordinated, they become more confident in taking on more independence. We understand 2 year olds test boundaries as they see how far their independence can reach; we know that this is a developmental milestone and that we should support their ability to increase their control over choices within their day. Children in our young preschool program are supported during this time of development by teachers who facilitate a classroom full of rich language experiences, kindness, and joy.

The children in the young preschool program spend their days dancing, singing, listening to engaging stories, painting, drawing, building, exploring interesting materials, using clay, and building their motor skills through the use of our indoor gross motor room.

Children in the young preschool do not have to have mastered toileting to enroll; wherever your child is at on the toilet training continuum, you will receive support and assistance.

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