Our Difference

Confident. Creative. Collaborative.
At Creative Scholars Preschool, we provide an engaging and nurturing environment for your child where intellectual curiosity, cognition, and creativity are developed. Creative Scholars is your best choice for a preschool in Chicago because:

Our classrooms….
•Are places where children’s individual strengths and areas of growth are valued and honored
•Have low teacher-to-children ratios so that each child receives extra attention and support
•Foster an appreciation for the fine arts through a weekly rotation of art, drama, and music
•Develop scientific thinking and problem solving through hands-on experiences
•Develop creativity through exploration of a variety of art materials and styles
•Develop social skills, self-regulation, and empathy and build relationships
•Feature curriculum that is child and teacher driven and rooted in child development
•Feature artifacts borrowed from local museums
•Include a 2,000 sq. ft. year-round, climate controlled, secure indoor play space which assures a daily place to run, climb, and build coordination

Our families….
•Receive daily emails detailing classroom activities which encourage parent/child communication outside of school
•Can see photos of the children’s days through emails, Facebook, and classroom documentation
•Are provided with a detailed description of each child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth each year
•Participate in two parent-teacher conferences a year, an intake conference in the fall where families and staff can share hopes and goals for the year and a conference in the spring to discuss a child’s growth
•Are supported in their work with outside therapists who are welcome to visit/observe/work with children in the classrooms
•Are invited to participate in monthly events sponsored by the parent committee outside of school to build friendships and connections within our school community
*Receive careful attention to food allergies

Our teachers….
•Participate in weekly staff meetings where they share classroom news, information gained from workshops, and discuss best teaching practices
•Engage in monthly reflective supervision which challenges them to continually think outside of the box and strengthen their teaching practice
•Have qualifications in early childhood education, child development, drama, and art
•Share their passions for art, music, drama, science, and learning
•Communicate openly and frequently with families
•Are creative, nurturing, qualified, and enthusiastic
•Include staff who have been at CSP since the school opened in 2009

What can you expect when you send your child to Creative Scholars Preschool? An environment that supports a child’s love of learning while providing a nurturing and engaging place for children to develop the confidence, self-expression, and skills needed to support them in elementary school and in life. Come see us for yourself; we can’t wait to meet you!

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