(Potty-trained children only)

Program hours
A.M. preschool: 8:30-12:30 (Early start & extended day options available)
All day preschool: 7:30-6:00

Program days
2 day program (Tues. & Thurs.)
3 day program (Mon., Wed. & Fri.)
5 day program (Mon. – Fri.)

At Creative Scholars Preschool in Chicago, we have four classrooms: Picassos, Mozarts, Shakespeares, and Amigos, named for each of our four arts – visual arts, music, drama and foreign language that we apply to our curriculum. Our curriculum goal is to tie all elements of the program together with a weekly theme. For example, if the weeks’ theme is the color blue we may focus on Picasso’s blue period, listen to blues music and talk about what instruments we hear, discuss what it means to feel “blue” and demonstrate the feeling with our bodies, and learn the name of the color blue as well as a couple of simple phrases in the foreign language. In addition, we may do easy science experiments with water, experiment with different shades of blue paint, go on a treasure hunt for blue items, and have each child contribute a page to a class book about their favorite thing that is blue. We will always be reading several books daily in both English and the foreign language that are related to the weeks’ theme.

At Creative Scholars we present academics by encouraging children to be actively engaged in the learning process. We focus on math, science, and literacy development using many different techniques and methods. We view learning as a process that continues and develops as children play. By paying attention to what engages children we learn to ask the questions that will lead them to their own discoveries making learning more meaningful.

Drama/Creative Movement:
Our drama program is focused on the creative process rather than a finished product. With plenty of guided encouragement, the children will learn to act out emotions, work cooperatively, play games with their imaginations, and explore improvisation.

Foreign Language:
Our foreign language element consists of listening to and repeating vocabulary and phrases relevant in the classroom and at home. We amplify exposure daily through songs and stories in the featured language.

Our music component provides children an introduction to different composers/musicians and their music. Children will have an opportunity to explore different instruments, listen to their unique sounds, and when possible make their own.

Visual Arts:
Our visual arts facet pushes beyond traditional arts and crafts. First we introduce children to artists, mediums, techniques, styles, and periods by presenting various works of art. Children then have the opportunity to create their own masterpiece based on what they’ve studied.

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