Enrichment Classes

Little Chefs

Open to children in the Young Preschool and Junior Kindergarten classrooms

Join us one afternoon a week from 12:30-1:15 as we explore a wide variety of recipes and healthy food creations in a small group setting. Each session is 7 weeks long with a new and healthy food introduced and prepped each week. The children will be involved with every step of the cooking process from gathering the materials from a recipe, prepping the ingredients, assembling the ingredients, to trying out new and exciting foods! In each class the children will use their observation skills and critical thinking skills as they wonder how all of the ingredients will transform and come together, literacy skills as they use recipes and create their own cookbooks, and teamwork as they work alongside each other to create a tasty and healthy snack!

Engineering, Technology, and Tinkering

Open to children in the final year of the Junior Kindergarten classroom

Join us for a special enrichment class only open to our kindergarten bound students one afternoon a week from 12:30-1:30 as we explore focused math and science concepts in a small group setting. Each will be 7 weeks long with a focus on coding and early robotic, engineering, technology, and tinkering. Each session will have a different theme based upon the children’s interests but will include things such as the children meeting our small yellow “Bee-Bot” and work together to represent codes that ask our little robot to do many things, completing design challenges, exploring the principles of engineering and problem solving, investigating circuitry, and more!

The enrichment classes are designed to provide an additional hour of fun and learning for our half day families who may enjoy the extra one hour a week and for our full day children who need less of a rest time. The cost for each 7 week session is $100 for half day children and $85 for full day children. Space is limited to 10 children per session to ensure one on one focus and attention from the teaching staff. Children may sign up for more than one enrichment class a session.

To Register: email Megan at msexton@creativescholarspreschool.com

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