Lead Co-Teacher (3-5 Junior Kindergarten Classroom)

Creative Scholars Preschool is a small independent preschool in the Bucktown neighborhood. We are a small, collaborative school where we believe that play and child interests drive learning and development. We strive to create a culture of collaboration and reflection among the staff where all staff members are encouraged to think creatively and share their ideas for the school.

We believe:

  • That child development is comprehensive and includes a child’s cognition, social and emotional development, physical development, and intellectual development.
  • That play is the medium through which young children learn.
  • That the classroom environment is integral in supporting the children’s growth and take care to create and maintain interesting and inviting spaces to play.
  • That families are partners in the development process and should be treated with mutual respect and understanding of culture.
  • That children are competent, creative, curious individuals with rights as citizens of our school and city.
  • In the integration of children from all backgrounds and development.
  • That relationships between children and teachers and children and children are central to learning.


We are looking for a lead co-teacher for our 3-5 junior kindergarten classroom starting in June.

Teachers must be able to work in a collaborative and reflective team.  Under the supervision of the Director, teachers are responsible for creating a warm and inviting environment and planning a curriculum that is responsive to children.

Teachers should have the following dispositions about working with young children:

  • Value and promote children’s play
  • Curious about the child’s perspective
  • Have an image of the child as capable
  • Take delight in children’s development
  • Show respect for children’s feelings
  • Alert to the learning process for each child
  • Understand child guidance in developmental context
  • Consistently communicate the worth of each child
  • Manage the group while giving individual attention
  • Promote conflict resolution and problem solving
  • Model anti-bias practices and cultural sensitivity
  • Speak about children in a strengths-based, rather than deficits approach when problem solving


Teachers should do the following in terms of the environment and curriculum:

  • Plan environment with inquiry and discovery in mind
  • Environment reflects current group of children
  • Environment focuses on children and teacher co-created materials, not store bought materials
  • Environment has elements of home and beauty (lights, cozy spaces, decorations)
  • Develop curriculum around children’s interests
  • Reflect on children’s interests and actions when introducing new materials
  • Provide multiple opportunities for children’s representations
  • Document, analyzes, and plans from observations
  • Teach academic skills in a context, not out of context
  • Scaffold learning with questions, props, coaching
  • Document evolution of learning and projects (portfolios, seesaw, wall panels)
  • Create visual evidence of life and history of children
  • Develop an inclusive classroom culture


When working with families, teachers should:

  • Build relationships
  • Seek to reflect family life in classroom
  • Communicate details of child development
  • Communication value of children’s play
  • Have genuine empathy for parent perspectives
  • Be self-confident and articulated when challenged
  • Present self as a professional ally of parents
  • Gain confidence and respect of parents
  • Consistently communicate with parents with both positive experiences and challenges


When working with Coworkers, teachers should:

  • Seek collaboration in developing ideas and understanding
  • Mentor and coach before criticizing
  • Participate in staff discussions and group processes
  • Practice conflict resolution rather than avoidance
  • Model and promotes self reflection
  • Encourage leadership and self-care
  • Consistently seek feedback and peer support


As a professional, teachers should strive to:

  • See self as a member of a profession rather than just someone doing a job
  • Be willing to take risks and make mistakes in order to grow
  • Take time for regular self reflection and self-examination
  • Make progress on self-defined short and long term goals
  • Be in the wider early childhood community
  • Articulate the details of learning in children’s play
  • Keep current with developments in the profession
  • Keep a professional portfolio of work samples
  • Regularly read professional literature
  • Attend workshops, webinars, conferences to enhance learning and interests in the field


Other Requirements

  • Have a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or related field
    • A minimum of 6 credits must be in early childhood education/child development
  • Must be physically able to lift children and sit/squat at a child’s level


Preference Given to applicants who are Illinois DCFS director qualified.

Salary is dependent on experience.

Please contact Megan Sexton at msexton@creativescholarspreschool.com to apply.