PreK – Age 3

Must be 3 by September 1st of school year

Preschool Program

Program hours
A.M. preschool: 8:30-12:30 (Early start & extended day options available)
All day preschool: 7:30-6:00

Program days
2 day program (Tues. & Thurs.)
3 day program (Mon., Wed. & Fri.)
5 day program (Mon. – Fri.)

Creative Scholars’ preschool program is designed with your child’s development in mind. The classroom is organized in a way that provides the increasingly social preschool age child with a variety of opportunities to participate in collaborative play and projects with their peers.

The teaching staff at Creative Scholars supports a preschooler’s desire for increased independence; we understand that as the preschool-aged child uses increasingly more language and is physically more coordinated that they are able to do so many things by themselves. We understand that when a 3 year old says, “I can’t” what they really mean is, “please help me develop confidence in my own abilities and let me try things out.” We understand that 3 year olds believe that a wish is truth and struggle with the idea of real and make-believe. Children in our preschool program are supported during this time of development by teachers who facilitate a classroom full of rich language and literacy experiences, humor, and joy.

The preschool class participates in a rotating collection of the fine arts as they participate in our drama/creative movement, music, and art classes taught by our talented teachers.

The children in the preschool program spend their days exploring books and songs, writing and drawing, painting and creating, collaborating on dramatic play roles and scenarios, participating in pre-literacy and math activities, and taking on the role of scientist as they investigate the life sciences, physical sciences, and more!

Children in the preschool program should be toilet trained upon starting the program. Teaching staff will support the child in gaining more independence in their use of the restroom; they may bring pull-ups to change in to for rest time if needed.

For more information about our classroom for children age 3, click here to explore our Shakespeares Classroom

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